🔓ULTIMATE🔓 Fire Stick 4K -TWICE as fast as 2nd/3rd Gen-WORKS ON ANY TV w/ HDMI

September 28, 2019 - Comment

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LEGAL COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: This technology shall only be used to stream Movies, TV Shows, Music and Sporting Events that fall under the public domain. We do not install copyrighted software and do not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. If you want a faster, far more superior Fire TV Stick, then you should purchase this 4k Fire TV Stick! We recommend this to all of our customers because it is well over TWICE the SPEED of the 2nd or 3rd Gen Fire TV Sticks! This is due to the 4k Fire TV Stick having a newer, much faster processor! And, you don’t even need a 4k TV for them to work! The 4k Fire TV Stick will work on ANY TV as long as it has an HDMI port! If you can spare the extra $10, it is definitely worth it! If you would like to view our other Fire TV listings, click on the link below to visit our EBAY STORE: 👉 CLICK HERE 👈 Or copy and paste this link into your browser: https://www.ebay.com/str/Fire-TV-Devices ⛔READ CAREFULLY⛔ JAILBR0KEN does not mean you can get Premium Subscription Streaming Apps for free. Streaming apps that require subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Playstation Vue, Sling TV, CBS All Access, Direct TV Now, Apple TV, Fubo TV and any other app that says you have to pay before you can watch any Movie or TV Show, WILL NEVER BE FREE!! JAILBR0KEN means that you will be able to watch ANY Movie (Even Movies still in Theaters!), ANY TV Show, over 800 Live TV Channels from the US and around the World (Including HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ETC.), Unlimited library of XXX videos, Live Pay-Per-View Fights, Coverage of almost EVERY NFL/MLB/NHL/NBA Game and many other Sports, Kids shows, Cartoons & so much more and it is all ABSOLUTELY FREE!! The only thing you have to pay for is the cost of the Fire Stick when you make your purchase. There are NO MONTHLY CHARGES! You will be able to access all of these Unlimited Features through all of the 3rd Party Apps that we install!! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT for you to make sure that you read and understand the User Guide that we send to your email because it has detailed instructions and information about the 3rd Party apps that are installed on the Fire TV Stick and also about the operation of the Fire TV Stick itself. Thousands sold! This account & listing DOES NOT reflect how many we sell and have sold! LOOK OUT FOR OTHER SELLERS copying and using our picture and description to sell their inferior fire sticks! We are the ONLY ONES THAT HAVE A LINK to our ebay store in our description! Other sellers claiming that they have “the best selling fire sticks on ebay” are full of it! We believe that you need to have more than only one month of selling history to even be considered an established seller, let alone the best! We have been selling our Ultimate Fire TV Sticks since Nov, 19th 2016, the day the Fire TV Stick made its first debut! So if you are looking for a seller with the most experience and one that actually knows what they are doing and talking about, you have definitely come to the right place! ABSOLUTELY no one else has sold as many as us, uses the TOP 24 ULTIMATE CUSTOM APPS or the TOP TWO KODI BUILDS like we do!After your purchase, you will receive our Ultimate Fire TV Stick User Guide. It will be emailed to your registered eBay email address. You will also receive our business card with our email address and phone number so you will be able to receive our free unrivaled technical support and discounted prices for future purchases!!WE PROGRAM all of our Fire TV Sticks to UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY!! 🔥BEST SETUP-TOP APK’S🔥 1. Do you want an 🔓ULTIMATE🔓 Amazon Fire TV Stick? 2. Do you not want to deal with the hassle of spending hours of your time, first learning how to do it, and then spend hours actually doing it? 3. Do you just want to open your Fire TV Stick, plug it in, and start streaming Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Pay-Per-View and over 800 Live TV Channels instantly?4. Do you want to cut the cords and get rid of that outrageous monthly cable bill?5. Do you want to cancel your Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu or any other premium streaming app subscription and still be able to watch the same shows absolutely free? If you answered YES to any of these questions, this device is EXACTLY what you are looking for!! 🔓ULTIMATE🔓 Amazon 4k Fire TV Stick *ATTENTION* Please leave a note at checkout to let us know if you want the ADULT or FAMILY version. If you don’t leave us a note, you will get the ADULT version by default. Even with the FAMILY version, parental supervision is recommended. If you need to switch versions later on, you may contact us for instructions on how to easily switch to the FAMILY version. 🔥ENJOY UNLIMITED FEATURES🔥 Movies TV Shows Adult Content Sports Kids Shows Music Live TV PPV & More 🔓ULTIMATE🔓 Amazon 4k Fire TV Stick >This is the device your friends have been talking about!! Movies, TV Shows, Sporting Events, Adult Content, Music and More are available with only a few clicks!! >You must have an amazon account, it is free to sign up if you do not have one. Your streaming quality is only as good as your internet speed. The Amazon Fire TV Stick runs off of your home WiFi. If you want high speed Ethernet streaming, you need to purchase an Ethernet adapter for your Fire TV Stick from our store. !!MAKE YOUR PURCHASE WISELY!! WE ONLY ACCEPT RETURNS FOR DEFECTIVE HARDWARE!!!!WE DO NOT!! ISSUE REFUNDS DUE TO SLOW INTERNET SPEEDS!!!!WE DO NOT!! ISSUE REFUNDS BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW TO USE THE FIRE TV STICK!!!!WE DO NOT!! ISSUE REFUNDS IF THE FIRE STICK DOES NOT RUN AS FAST AS YOU THINK IT SHOULD!! What You Receive: >Ultimate Fire TV Stick User Guide (emailed to your eBay email address)>Our business card with contact info for discounted future purchases and free tech support>Fire TV Stick>All-New Alexa Voice Remote>2 AAA batteries (pre-installed)>Power cable & wall plug>Amazon Quick Start Guide


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