iClicker2 student remote

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Rock-Solid Reliable – iClicker remotes have been classroom tested and proven reliable year after year. No Distractions – Remove the distractions of texting and social media with a device dedicated to classroom participation. Simple & Convenient – Answer questions with the press of a button. iClicker remotes couldn’t be easier. Accessibility – iClicker remotes come with braille A-E labels and offer vibration capabilities upon request.


Christine Mislang says:

Handy required classroom Device! My Professor for Calculus requires us to use the iClicker during class to answer “participation” questions. Honestly this isn’t a bad little device. I was able to register it through the school website, foregoing the additional cost of using it and it’s good for multiple classes.Nice little unit, substantial and I feel will handle being tossed into my book bag.Came packaged brand new with instructions.IF you have a Professor who requires this unit…

Shnikosis says:

Good product I got this on Amazon for cheaper than the student store, it is a good product for what it is, this review is just so you know that it is authentic

C_lene97 says:

I needed it for school. It’s alright I guess. It helps to just have one for school purposes.

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