70 Watt x 2 Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier Kit DIY Electronic Solder TPA3156D2

September 30, 2020 - Comment

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Click to enlarge 70 Watt Per Channel Stereo Audio Amplifier Kit From Jerry’s Electronics DIY kit uses TPA3156D2 Stereo Power Amp IC Original Texas Instruments IC Easy to assemble kit using through-hole components Amplifier IC is pre-soldered to the PCB Easy customizable 2.3″ x 4.4″ footprint Operates on 5-26 VDC Volume control RCA input jacks Screw terminal power and speaker connections Easy to select stereo or bridged operation 70 Watts per channel stereo or 100 Watts mono Oversized heatsink included PCB and all components are ROHS compliant A awesome digital audio amplifier, the TPA3156D2 ic comes from Texas Instruments and features automatic thermal and short circuit protection. The hardest work is done because the IC is pre-soldered! Jumper points provided on the board for easy selection of stereo or bridged operation. A oversized heatsink means little chance for over heating. With a wide supply operating voltage, a near flat frequency response, power and efficiency of this amp I know you won’t be disappointed. *** Assembly manual is not shipped with kits – must use on-line manual *** ->>Link to manual in pdf format<<- if Ebay removed the link you will have to search on-line for the manual – sorry. Kit Includes: 1 – PC Board w/ TPA3156 Amp IC 2 – 1000ufd Electrolytic Capacitors 1 – 10ufd 35v Electrolytic Capacitor 4 – 10ufd 10v Ceramic Capacitors 1 – 1ufd 50v Ceramic Capacitor 4 – 0.68ufd 50v Ceramic Capacitors 4 – 0.22ufd 50v Ceramic Capacitors 2 – 0.1ufd 50v Ceramic Capacitors 2 – 100k ¼ Watt Resistors 1 – 75k ¼ Watt Resistor 3 – 47k ¼ Watt Resistors 1 – 39k ¼ Watt Resistor 1 – 20k ¼ Watt Resistor 1 – 5.6k ¼ Watt Resistor 2 – 4.7k ¼ Watt Resistors 1 – 10k Variable Resistor 4 – 10uh Inductors 2 – LED's 2- Spacers for LED's 3 – 2 Position Terminal Blocks 2 – Phono Jacks 1 – Heatsink 1 – Heatsink mounting hardware 4 – PCB Standoffs What you will need: Good quality soldering iron 25 – 40 watt Solder tip cleaning sponge Rosin core or no clean solder Diagonal wire cutter Thanks for looking!


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