Airistech “AIRIS 8” (Black) E-Nector Collector 2 in 1 Fast First Class Shipping!

November 12, 2018 - Comment

The Shop – PWA eCommerce cms39 $ Buy Now Acer Aspire XC-895-UR11 Desktop | 10th Gen Intel Core i3-10100 4-Core Processor | 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 | 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive | 8X DVD | Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6 | Bluetooth 5.1 | Windows 10 Home$442.35 $ Buy Now THE “AIRIS 8” PORTABLE DUAL USE The

THE “AIRIS 8” PORTABLE DUAL USE The Airis 8 is a Dual Function Device Providing Instant Capabilities. With The Included Ceramic Straw, C1 Atomizer, Just press the power button, touch Your Material, and Enjoy! Or if you prefer, Use the Provided C2, Stainless Atomizer, equipped with Dual Quartz Coils – Just Fill the Second, Stainless Steel Atomizer, with Your Favorite Material and enjoy to your hearts content! Using the Airis 8 Instant Touch Function: Remove Mouthpiece Ceramic Straw, C1 Atomizer is Installed When Airis 8 Arrives(510 Thread) 5 Quick Pushes of Power Button to Turn on/off While holding Power Button Down Touch Your Material With C1 Atomizer and Draw off Bottom Of Airis 8 Don’t Touch Ceramic Atomizer, as it May Be Hot Bottom of Airis 8 used to Draw in This Mode Using the Airis 8 as Load and Go: Remove Mouthpiece Install Stainless C2 Load Atomizer(Screws on/off 510 Thread) Load The C2 Atomizer With Your Material, but Don’t Over pack Reattach the Mouthpiece 5 Quick Pushes of Power Button to Turn on/off Press and Hold Power Button, Which Will Light up Wait a second or so and Enjoy your Material Top of Airis 8 Used to Draw in This Mode Enjoy on The Road! How to Operate Voltage: Press The Power Button 5 Times Rapidly To Turn On/Off Three Voltages Provided For Comfort 3.4V – Green, 3.7V – Blue, 4.2V – Red Press Power Button 3 Times Rapidly to Change Voltage Charging: Low Battery is Indicated By Power Light Flashing 15 Times To Charge Connect USB Charger – Connect to USB Charging Block A Solid Green Light Indicates a Full Charge Universal micro USB charging port Kit Includes: 1-Airis 8 Device 1-Mouthpiece 1-C1 Ceramic Straw Coil 1-C2 Load Coil 1-USB Charging Cable 1-Load Tool 3-Pipe Brushes 1-User Manual 1-Package Box Body Material: Metal Warranty: 6 Months on Battery 3 Months on Coils


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