Bullying In Schools! – A Useful Guide For Parents

September 16, 2021 - Comment

       If you’re worried or aware that your child is being bullied, tormented, abused or otherwise threatened, and you don’t know the best plan of action, then this letter will be very important to you.90% of children are bullied in school at some stage. 70% of bullying happens in the playground, out of sight. Don’t…

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you’re worried or aware that your child is being bullied, tormented,
abused or otherwise threatened, and you don’t know the best plan of
action, then this letter will be very important to you.

90% of children are
bullied in school at some stage
. 70% of bullying happens in the
playground, out of sight. Don’t let your child be victim to the silent
cruelty that can affect their entire future. Here’s your action plan to
stop this in its tracks today…

I’m going to
show you how to prevent and stop all forms of bullying that your child
is experiencing, so that they can grow up with confidence, self esteem,
and without their school life being affected.

But first of all, let me
explain who I am and why I’m here…

When my
youngest son reached his last year in primary school, his mood started
to change. He would be quiet, on edge and sometimes very defensive.

I knew
right away that something was wrong
. As a parent, I’m sure you know what
I mean. But the problem was, I couldn’t get a straight answer from him.

I didn’t
want to jump to conclusions, but I had a heart wrenching feeling that
he was being bullied. After some gentle persuasion over a number of
weeks, James (my son) told me that some of the bigger boys were being

When he told me,
I wanted to hug him and burst into tears. But I didn’t want to make him
feel worse, I had to stay strong and remain in control.

nothing more distressingg than seeing your child suffering like this,
especially when you can’t be there for them.

Inside, I was heart broken and furious.

bully victimsI wanted to
find out who it was, and
them so hard.
But obviously, this doesn’t solve anything.

As James
opened up, I found that it was more than just name calling. His shins
were bruised (and this wasn’t from playing football.) Also, he had mud
on his school uniform and occasional scratches on his arms.

I knew that
I had to find a way to protect my child. And even more so when I
discovered that many bully victims suffer from a poor education, low
self esteem, aggression issues, relationship problems, lack of friends,
no social life and damaged careers.

The truth is, if your child is bullied today, they can suffer for life


Nobody forgets
bullying, and the worse it gets, the harder it is for that person to
hold onto their self worth, and get through life’s challenges.

Like you may
feel right now, I was in desperate need for a solution.

Luckily, I had
a very supportive network. I had friends and family who were teachers,
and a collegue who was a social worker and counsellor.

Between them
all, I discovered an entire range of ways to deal with the bullying.
But what I found most valuable is that…

Dealing with bullying isn’t just about
stopping the bullies.

You see,
stopping the actual act of bullying is relatively straight forward. You
approach the school and talk to the teachers, and you monitor your
child closely each day from there.

But that’s only
half the solution.

In order
to cope with bullying effectively, you need to know how to deal with
every stage of it. That means…

Being able to spot early signs Knowing how to get the
truth out of your child How to approach others for help (including

how to get the truth out of your child

Helping to heal your child’s emotional wounds (stress,
anxiety and self esteem)

what to do if the teacher is the bully

Coping with the
situation if your child becomes the bully

if the teacher or school doesn’t believe you


Having the foresight to prevent future bullying

Here is the solution…

Bullying in Schools

“Bullying In Schools” is a
practical guide for parents. It covers the things that teachers alone
can’t always help with.

According to
many teachers, a parent’s intervention and help is the real key to
solving bullying issues, and this guide will show you how.

I created it
because It distresses me to hear from other parents who are going
through the same torment, heartbreak and worry that myself and my son
James went through during his primary school years.

And considering
that nearly 90% of children are bullied at some point of their school
life, I knew that I could help a LOT of families get through this.

And as a
result, you can prevent any lasting emotional, educational or social
damage that would otherwise occur from this bullying of your child.

Let me explain
what’s inside…

Understanding bullying
what causes it, where it happens, and why the bullied can become the

The 3 major areas of bullying, so you can recognise it
when you see or hear it

How to approach your child and discover what’s really going

How to approach
the school and teachers without them shrugging you off

3 step plan
to take when YOUR
child already is – or becomes – the bully

Teachers that provoke bullying (or do it indirectly)…
how to find out if this is happening to your child, and exactly how to
put an end to it

you change schools?
things to consider before you do

4 steps to combating internet bullying
(possibly the most undetected
but most widescale form of bullying your child will encounter)

How to reduce
stress, restore self esteem, build confidence
and bring joy back into to your
child’s life… before it’s too late

A better life today, and tomorrow…

There are three
major benefits to purchasing this guide. It will…

1.  Teach your child
important lessons about self control, confidence and protection

2.   Prevent your child from lasting emotional or physical

3.   Stop the late night worry from a situation that could –
and often does – spiral rapidly out of control

70% of
children are bullied in the playground
, where teachers cannot
detect the bullying very easily.
physical bullying Although you can’t stop
bullying from ever happening, you can identify it and put a stop to it

But to do
this, you need the right strategy. That includes the recognition
stages, the fact finding, the teacher/school approach and the detailed
after care that your child needs.

This guide
provides you with all of these things, so that you can be peacefully
assured that your child will be safe, protected and free to grow and
develop into a healthy and successful adult.

in this guide is based on solid research, backed with my personal
experiences that I learned along the way, as a fellow parent in your
current situation.


A small price to
pay for big piece of mind…

I can’t tell
you what your child’s safety and emotional protection is worth, but I
know from personal experience that as a parent, if the solution works,
then money is no object to stopping bullying.

I don’t want
to see another parent and child suffer from a situation that can be
easily stopped with the right advice. Therefore, I have made sure the
price of this information is affordable and fair for fellow parents.
Which means that the guide is just $27 when you buy today.

This is a
small price to pay for putting an end to this horrible situation and
making sure that your child doesn’t grow up with a bad memory and all
of the side effects that serious and prolonged bullying can often cause.

But to make this a
really safe offer for you, I’d like to offer you…

I want you
to be 100% happy and get the results you need right now, to protect
your child today.

I’ll give
you an entire 60 days to try everything I suggest in the guide… from
the early signs, to coping strategies, to longer term after care… and
everything in between.

If you don’t
see the results I have clearly promised in this letter, then you don’t
pay a single penny. I can say this with total confidence, because I
know how effective this advice really is for anyone that is in your

It’s time for

Now is the time! I know that you
want to do
you can to protect your child
, and that there is no time to

So download
this guide today, and give these strategies a try. Give it 60 days, or
less, and see the results for yourself.

Act today, and put a
solid end to this bullying immediately.

act today and put an end to bullying


you need is a credit card, no special Internet
accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure.)

Can you image your child smiling from ear to ear before they pack their
bags for school each morning? Can you see them raising their hand in
class, getting better grades, making new friends? Can you see them
growing up, having healthy relationships and successful careers?

Then make sure you
act today so that bullying doesn’t shatter these dreams.

rely on the education system (who cut corners and have piles of
bureaucracy paperwork to slow things down.)

rely on the bullies getting bored and moving onto another victim any
time soon.

rely on putting your kids through self-defence training or $150 per
hour therapy sessions.

The only
way to solve and stop this problem quickly and surely
, is by
taking a practical hands on approach that you – as a role model and
loving parent – can do today. Just download this guide and take control
of the situation today, before it gets out of hand.

My thoughts
are with you,

author GW Stewart

download today$27.00

you need is a credit card, no special Internet
accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure.)

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