Chord Electronics Chordette Carry Google Edition

December 15, 2019 - Comment

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Limited special edition carry system, designed and made for Google by Chord Electronics Ltd. UK. Extremely Rare, Google “Carry” Stereo System Chordette Prime Scamp Peach & Toucan. Bearing the search engine giant’s familiar logo and branding, along with a display that reads DROID, the Google stereo was produced by Chord Electronics at the request of Google itself in order to kit out its team of Android designers with high-end audio systems. The Google-branded product is based on Chord’s existing Chordette Carry products. Chordette is a modular audio system that comprises a mix and match range of separates such as preamps and DACs that can transfer music via Bluetooth (apt-X). If you’re an Android phone user then you’ll already be familiar with this Bluetooth standard as it’s the one that’s used on Android handsets. Only around 500 of the systems were ever made for Google employees and Chord has no plans to make them available to the general public. Details: Manufacturer: Chord Electronics Model: Google Carry (Chordette Carry) System Includes: Google Prime High Definition Pre-Amplifier (Chordette Prime): Prime – Preamplifier with 4 inputs and bi-directional USB The Chordette Prime preamplifier has been designed as the control centre for your Chordette or existing HiFi system. Up to four sources can be connected via the analogue inputs and the USB connection allows direct digital connection to a personal computer. The USB input will not only playback music but will also allow you to record the audio from any of the analogue inputs directly onto the computer. During playback via USB an optical TOSlink output acts as a digital record monitor or as a digital feed into another DAC or AV system. Google Scamp Stereo Power Amplifier (Chordette Scamp): Scamp – 40W stereo amplifier with analogue and USB input and volume control. Bridgeable to 80W The Chordette Scamp is a stereo amplifier with control for both digital and analogue inputs and has been designed as a small but extremely capable amplifier for your system. With it’s own RCA phono inputs, USB input and Gain control, this little power house can be used as a stand alone integrated amplifier from a single source or a power amplifier when combined with the Chordette Prime. This gives great flexibility and with the switchable bridged mono feature, an entire Chordette system can be built without replacing any item. Google Peach High Definition Bluetooth Decoder and DAC with USB (Chordette Peach): Peach – DAC with Apt-X Bluetooth, USB, Optical & Coax digital inputs The Chordette Peach, developed from the highly successful 2008 Chordette Gem, integrates with an existing HiFi system and allows the transfer of music from a Bluetooth enabled product. The Peach adds optical and coaxial inputs vastly expanding the system possibilities. The USB port allows direct streaming of audio from a Personal Computer or laptop. Google Toucan High Definition Headphone Amplifier (Chordette Toucan): Toucan – High Definition Headphone amplifier The five-star-rated Chordette Toucan is designed to add high definition headphone compatibility to an existing Hi Fi system and allow the transfer of music from either an analogue music source or digitally streamed from a personal computer or laptop via the USB port. The Chordette Toucan is: “the only headphone amp you’ll ever need” says the latest review from The Pro Audio Web Blog. In a fascinating, in-depth review the Toucan was put through a rigorous test regime over many weeks by CEO and Editor-In-Chief of The Pro Audio Web Blog, Edd Harris who said: “If you are someone looking at buying both a headphone amp and a DAC then this is the best that I can recommend…you won’t be disappointed.” The full review is available online here and concludes: “The Chord Electronics Toucan headphone amp and DAC is one of the finest out there. It has brilliant connectivity, is engineered to an AAA standard, is beautifully detailed and pure, and will be the only headphone amp that you will ever need. Here at The Pro Audio Web Blog we cannot recommend the Chord Electronics Toucan highly enough, and for this reason we award it with a full five out of five.” Accessories Include: Remote Control Power Supply Assorted Cables Condition: Excellent cosmetic condition with little sign of previous use. Manuals:


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