Chord Electronics Qutest Pure DAC – Excellent Condition Open Box Unit

December 7, 2019 - Comment

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The unit is in great condition and includes the original packaging and accessories! Plus the unit has been thoroughly inspected and tested by our in-house technicians. Shop with confidence, the order is fully covered by our 30-days (No Questions Asked) Guarantee Award Winning ‘Pure’ DACQutest is the latest ‘pure’ DAC from Chord Electronics. It does not contain headphone amplification or rechargeable batteries like some of Chord’s other products, hence the ‘pure’ DAC specification. Qutest is designed to improve sound quality in the home. It is the latest evolution of Chord’s most affordable standalone DAC, the multi-award-winning 2Qute, which it directly replaces.All-New ChassisThe Qutest chassis is all-new, too. It has significantly greater mass than its predecessor and has been precision-machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminum billet. The Qutest PCB nestles within a shallow cavity in the solid aluminum chassis, giving the circuit board greater protection within the casework and additional isolation from external vibration compared to previous designs.Four Selectable Filter OptionsBy cycling through the four filter options, it is possible to subtly change the device’s tonal characteristics. Qutest achieves this not by strictly applying an equalization curve, but by changing the way in which the FPGA handles the data.The Incisive Neutral Filter is designed for all who wish to hear the full spectrum of audio no matter what sample rate. This option has an ultra-linear frequency response. For the technically minded this includes a 16FS to 256FS WTA2 filter.The Incisive Neutral HF Roll-Off Filter is designed for purists in mind, who playback high sample rate PCM recordings. This option has an ultra-linear frequency response with a high-frequency filter past 20kHz to remove HF distortion and noise from these recordings. This includes a 16FS to 256FS WTA2 filter with the HF filter enabled.Designed to introduce a little warmth to recordings, the Warm Filter will satisfy. This is a 16FS WTA1 filter only.The Warm HF Roll-Off Filter introduces a little warmth to recordings. This filter will satisfy and is ideal for high-resolution PCM playback. This is a 16FS filter but with a high- frequency roll-off.Four Selectable Digital Input OptionsWith four selectable digital input options, Qutest is a standalone DAC that acts as a digital hub to allow audio components to be instantly upgraded. Many hi-fi and audio components can benefit, including CD transports and players, streamers, computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, plus most audio devices with a suitable digital output.The HD Type-B USB Input allows up to 768kHz and DSD 512 native playback. DSD 64 – DSD 256 via DoP, native DSD via ASIO.The Coax 1 Input provides up to 384kHz and up to DSD 128 (via DoP). The Coax 2 Input offers up to 384kHz and up to DSD 128. The Optical Input allows up to 192kHz and DSD 64 (via DoP)


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