Dust-Off Compressed Gas Duster, Pack of 4

September 7, 2018 - Comment

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Disposable Compressed Gas Duster

Product Features

  • Removes dust, lint and other contaminants from hard to reach areas
  • Ideal for cleaning cups, keyboards, computer mice, and workstations
  • Can be used for cleaning items around the home including collectibles, figurines and window blinds
  • ozone safe, contains no cfcs, huffs, propane or butane
  • Contains a bitterant to discourage inhalant abuse


ARS says:

Spendy alone, buy it in a multi pack Condering the cost per can for compressed air these days, I HIGHLY recommend just buying a multi pack. In the end it will be cheaper, & you will always have extra on hand. Even still, I don’t understand how the heck air can be SO SPENDY! Just an FYI also, for those not used to using this. I have seen it over & over, people not using this properly. DO NOT turn the can upside, or shake it while you are spraying out your PC or whatever you are spraying. If you do, you can either end up with…

Gerald Williams says:

Dust-Off Compressed Gas Duster – One of the better compressed air products, Learn how to use it. Yes you can get it locally cheaper, but that isn’t a product issue.It works well, if you blow out a computer inside, expect a dust cloud and to inhale some of the air, it has a chemical to discourage inhalation abusers, you might taste it. Out side is better, but I’m lazy and usually do it inside, with a vacuum handy.Use short blasts of air, if the can gets cold, switch to a room temperature can, the cold causes restricted air flow, reducing efficiency. Keep the can…

Ken says:

First 1 of the 8 pack was damaged (nozzle unusable). 2nd worked. Great product and great value.I’ve tried two of the eight canisters so far and the cap to one was damaged upon receipt (probably during shipping).The plastic cap was broken so it’s non-functional (pull the trigger and nothing happens).They shipped it directly in the original dust-off box so that’s probably why it was damaged.The product itself is good but the seller is not taking reasonable precautions and is just shipping it in the original box.I’ll update if I…

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