Goo Gone 8 oz. – Removes stickers, grease, gum, tar, crayon & tape

March 26, 2018 - Comment

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If you can’t undo it, UN-goo it. Remove sticky, greasy messes with Goo Gone Original and return your surfaces to their original condition. Goo Gone removed stains from carpet, ceramic/ porcelain, finished wood, sealed stone, painted surfaces, glass, fabric, metals, and plastics. Goo gone is perfect for cleaning clothing, dinnerware and tables. DO NOT USE Goo Gone on silk, leather suede, rubber, faux stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces or unsealed stone. Goo Gone is safe on cars, just test on an inconspicuous area before using it in full. After you’re done please wash the area with hot soapy water. Do not allow Goo Gone Original to sit on rubber as it can deteriorate it. Goo Gone is not food safe, but you can use Goo Gone on a surface which comes in contact with food, please wash the surface thoroughly with soap and water after use. Goo Gone Original is safe on painted surfaces, which means it will not remove any paint. But, our products such as the latex Paint Clean-Up Spray and Wipes WILL remove paint. Goo Gone is safe on fabric, just be sure to pre-test on an inconspicuous area and launder the fabric after using Goo Gone. USE ONLY PER LABEL DIRECTIONS.

Product Features

  • SAFELY RESTORE YOUR SURFACES – The surface-safe formula removes the goo without harming your surface. Formulated with citrus cleaning agents and a pleasant citrus scent
  • TRUSTED #1 BRAND FOR REMOVING GOOEY MESSES – Try it on stickers, wax, markers, crayons, glue, tar, window decals, glitter, gum, labels and so much more
  • MULTIPLE USES AROUND THE HOUSE – Everything from wine glass label remover, scuff eraser, window sill cleaner, adhesive remover, tar cleaner, crayon drawing eraser, to glue remover.
  • GREAT FOR TEACHERS AND PARENTS – Use this to remove gum, tape, crayon and sticker residue left behind by kids
  • PERFECT FOR COLLECTORS AND THRIFTERS – Safely remove price stickers from gifts, wine glasses, clothing, drinking glasses, used video games and much more


Joe90 says:

Works brilliantly Easily removes sticker residue. The only thing I would recommend is don’t remove the silver foil at the mouth of the bottle, instead pierce the foil with a pin and then use it as a squirty bottle. This will be much easier to manage the flow of the liquid as you only need a very small amount.

J Brooks says:

Goo Gone is great at removing stuck-on stickers or residue that soap and … Goo Gone is great at removing stuck-on stickers or residue that soap and water just can’t get at. I use this to remove the labels from glass jars and bottles so I can reuse them. The bottle comes with a screw-top, once you remove it there is a plastic seal covering the opening with a tiny hole in the center. I use paper towels and squeeze a tiny bit of Goo Gone onto the paper towel through the hole and it melts away the residue with only a few seconds of scrubbing. I would advise against…

PlasmaMan says:

Works as advertised. I had some really annoying sticker residue from those circle stickers they use to keep game cases closed, and this product took it all off in 1 go when I applied some to a paper towel. The citrus smell is also very nice. The only thing I found a little odd was how you get the liquid out. There’s a seal under the cap of the bottle, that looks like you’re supposed to remove it, but there’s a very small hole in it, allowing for small amounts to be used without removing the tab. It’s not a…

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