HORI Officially Licensed Screen Protective Filter for Nintendo Switch

March 11, 2017 - Comment

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HORI has been the trusted name in Officially Licensed screen protectors for over a decade, with thousands of satisfied users enjoying unparalleled protection, clarity, and ease of application. The HORI Screen Protective Filter for Nintendo Switch is manufactured in Japan from high-quality PET film to perfectly fit your Nintendo Switch screen, and HORI’s patented application method gets you the perfect results the first time. Simply position in place and pull from the center to apply without dust or bubbles. You’ll barely know it’s there, but you can rest assured knowing your Nintendo Switch screen will be protected from scratches and wear for years to come.

Product Features

  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo
  • Patented application method for perfect results the first time
  • High-quality PET protective film made in Japan
  • Dust-free, bubble-free & frustration free
  • Crystal clarity and responsive touch controls


Nickstl says:

I hate screen protectors Let me start out by saying I absolutely detest screen protectors. I have never been able to put them on without bubbles or dust, and my hands are always too shakey to line things up properly. Since the screen of the switch contacts the dock as it slides in, I knew that I would have to put on a protector of some sort to avoid scratches. I ordered this protector, and dreaded putting it on. 

J. Giles says:

Works great, make sure you’re screen is clean first! I’m impressed with this protector. It’s already protected my switch from some definite scratches. When applying use some screen cleaner and make sure there’s NOTHING on it when you apply this. I’m very glad I got it.

al says:

Waste Of Money I followed the directions and my screen was clean first. The tab you pull off after aligning it had excess glue on it which it smeared on my screen in a couple places. I had to remove the filter and struggle to get adhesive off my brand new device. I was lucky to remove it with a micro fiber and not have any marks left on my screen. I used this same brand on my wii u and it went ok so I decided to try again. Really unhappy with having to go through what I did getting the adhesive off my…

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