iPhone 7 Plus 8 Plus Screen Protector, Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 8 Plus iPhone 7 Plus [0.2mm Ultra-thin] [Easy-applied Fixture] [10H Hardness HD Clear] Proud-Focus Screen Protector 2PACK

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Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus 5.5 inch Due to the curve-edge design of iPhone, our product is intentionally designed to cover the viewing area. Easy application The customized easy-applied fixture will help you to align screen perfectly. With fixture, you are the master! Scratches resistant and shatter proof Coated with shatter-proof layer, premium tempered glass provides a firm protection which disperses the impact from accidentally drop and scratches. In extremely bent test, it breaks into spider webbing without sharp pieces. 18 strict tests are applied to the glasses. Bubble free & re-application available The advanced silicon in the adhesive wipes air automatically. Just slide finger across the glass, and it will adhere to screen itself. No bubble, no worry! Not happy with your first job? Peel off the glass, and re-align! No residue left on the screen! Anti-fingerprints and oil-proof The vacuum oleophobic layer in the product prevents fingerprints and oil, refreshing device as a new one! 0.2mm thickness & 3D Touch compatible 0.2mm ultra-thin design offers better experience of 3D touch. Super high definition and transparency bring natural viewing. Installation video and US based support First time DIY? Don’t worry, installation video walks you through every step. For your 100% satisfaction, we are eager to serve you! Package Includes: 1. Screen protector x 2 2. Fixture x 1 3. Wet wipe x 2 4. Dust removal sticker x 2 5. Microfiber cloth x 2 6. Installation instruction x 1

Product Features

  • Only products sold by Proud-Focus and Fulfilled By Amazon are AUTHENTIC. Proud-Focus never authorizes any other sellers (tyubnm), thus offers by other sellers could be INAUTHENTIC and not covered by our warranty.
  • Specially designed for iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus. Due to curve-edge design of iPhone, our protector intentionally only covers the viewing area to avoid bubbles and white halo on the edge.
  • Ultra-thin thickness (0.2mm) brings you a higher sensitivity. By twice tempered, 10H hardness improves scratch-resistance and shatter-proof. Fingerprints and rough touch of screen always annoy you? No problem, adhere with us, our protector makes your phone a NEW one!
  • Bothered by scratches and broken screen? Take it, and what you will have is an intact screen without scratches from key, hard stuff and accidently dropping. (Note: this protector may be broken to disperse the impact on phone screen.)
  • Hard to align? Don’t worry, we have easy-applied fixture to help you. With fixture, you are the master! Bubble free application! The advanced silicon wipes air automatically! Not satisfied with your first job? Just lift up to adjust, and no residue on the screen.


Amazon Customer says:

but this was BY FAR my favorite protector solely because of a plastic attachment that comes … I have bought MANY glass screen protectors because I’m a clumsy college student, but this was BY FAR my favorite protector solely because of a plastic attachment that comes along with the screen. I personally wasn’t even aware of this attachment when I ordered the product, but found it extremely helpful when it came to installing the glass. Basically, you slide on the attachment to the bottom of your phone and it ensures that you stick on your glass screen protector in a way that is perfectly…

Ryan Love says:

Great buy. Don’t waste your time looking at other screen protectors. This is a really nice glass screen protector! The box it comes in is really nice and premium looking. It comes with two screen protectors, and surprisingly, comes with 2 full installation “kits” (microfiber, dust removal stickers, alcohol wipe). Often, these multipack screen protectors only come with one set of stickers and/or alcohol wipe so you’re SOL after the first installation. The included slide-on installation guide/bracket was very easy to use and aligned the screen…

A. Cain says:

Very thin screen protector – scratched easier than I thought though I have a Lifeproof NÜÜD phone case and ordered these while I was waiting for Lifeproof to get their Alpha Glass protectors (which are made for this case) back in stock. Seems to be a good screen protector, although I was able to scuff it in about two weeks worth of use (not terribly, but enough that your fingernail will catch in the scratches), hence the -2 stars. These are fairly cheap though, and you get two in a pack. So that is good.A note about using this on an iPhone 8 Plus…

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