Jadis Electronics Jadis II full range speakers. ULTRA RARE! $20,000 MSRP

August 11, 2020 - Comment

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These are extremely rare speakers from Jadis. Although the brand is more well known for its tube electronics, their foray into speakers put many speaker manufacturers on notice. Unlike the Eurythmie or the Jadis I speakers, the Jadis II is not a horn based speaker. Its a more “conventional” three way with a 12″ down firing woofer, an 8″ mid and a 1″ tweeter. Whats unconventional is the way the speaker was designed. Like the Eurythmie and Jadis I, the speaker would easily be the focus of attention in any listening room it is placed in. Just take a look at the pictures and you will understand why. But putting aside its unconventional design, the speaker is an incredible unit. The speaker has a 93 dB sensitivity and with a working impedance range of 4-8 ohm, they were pretty easy to drive. We drove them with 100W coming off KT-120 tubes and they projected a large soundstage that had impressive depth and dynamic response. Imaging was huge when listening to vocals with the “image” of the singer placed squarely center in the soundstage. Frequency response is an impressive 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Placement of the speakers and room dynamics are critical in getting the best out of these speakers as they need an uncluttered space for them to really “breathe” music into the room. When you have those conditions in place, these speakers are just pure audio and visual candies. Speakers can be bi-wired/bi-amp with the option to “tri-wire” by bi-wiring or bi-amping the woofer. Otherwise, just running the speaker wires into the middle level speaker connectors or the middle and lower level connectors (if bi-wiring or bi-amping) would do just nicely. Cosmetically, the speakers looks good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. One of the grille peg is missing on one of the grille covers but has no impact on the grille cover staying on securely. We don’t have the original boxes so local pickup preferred. If shipping is required, they will need to be strapped on to a pallet. Terms and conditions – PLEASE READ! TRANSACTIONS on eBay: ALL transactions must be completed on eBay. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not respond to offers or suggestions on completing the transaction outside of eBay. Do not ask us to contact you directly outside eBay. If you find an item here on our eBay store that you are interested in purchasing, please conclude the transaction here on eBay. PRODUCT INFO: All items are fully tested and evaluated. If an item is not working properly, it will be mentioned in the listing. So read carefully. Cosmetic conditions will also be clearly laid out in the listing. But because everyone has a different standard, what is an 8/10 condition to me may be a 6/10 condition to you. So it is important you check out every picture on the listing. All pictures are of the actual item and taken just prior to listing it on eBay. All opinions expressed on our listings are our own and based on our evaluation in our system. They are not Gospel truth and should not be treated as such. Every system, every room and every conditions are different. We do not guarantee the result we get in our system will be the same in yours. WHAT KIND OF PRODUCTS WE SELL: We are a used hifi store so everything is used. So no warranty of any kind is offered or expressed. If there is a balance factory warranty from the manufacturer, you should check with them to see if it’s transferable. See above paragraph, everything is tested prior to selling and if there is any issue, we would list it in the listing. So it’s important you read every word in our listing. Occasionally, we may get dealer demo units, NOS (New Old Stock) or dealer excess inventory. Again, you need to check with the manufacturer if they will continue to honor any kind of warranty to you. 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But this will be rare as we professionally pack every item that goes out to survive the rigor of shipping regardless of value. All orders will be insured and declared at full purchase value. If you want us to declare it at a lower value, you will need to fill out a form authorizing us to declare it at the amount you want us to and that you will assume all risk at the lowered value. And that includes insurance claim should the package be damaged or go missing during shipping. RETURNS: There are absolutely no returns for any items shipped outside the United States. International purchases for all items are “as-is”. The buyer assumes all cost of return shipping and handling. The only variation of this is if the item you receive is not the item you bought. In the rare event you have a change of mind (buyer’s remorse) after receiving the item; we may take the item back under our buy back quote or impose a re-stocking of 20% of the original purchase price. 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