LOG910001799 – Logitech M570 Trackball

November 9, 2017 - Comment

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Mlalahoi says:

With a little help it is a GREAT solution for carpal tunnel and wrist pain It’s a good option for people with carpal tunnel such as myself and looking for a more ergonomic option. If it had a better angle out-of-the-box I’d give it 5 stars, however with a little propping it can be perfect, see below. Tips: 

Rustin L. Haase says:

Great product that can be made even greater with an angled stand I’ve been a trackball user since the days before MP3s. This is my current favorite model. Affordable, reliable, cordless, and nicely shaped. I was using it so much that my arm started hurting until I realized I was using it at the wrong angle. I do 3d printing and designed a stand to make it even better and more ergonomic. I would highly recommend this product especially with a padded rest and angled stand like the one I made. You can find my stand at Thingiverse. […] and make it…

Fitzwoman says:

Worked for 8 days before it died This mouse worked for about 8 days, but was not as smooth as previous versions. The mouse continually lost signal from the receiver, and then finally just died. I went through the entire troubleshooting process on Logitech’s support web site. Nothing. 

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