Marchand Electronics XM46SB passive high pass filter

November 7, 2019 - Comment

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If you run a subwoofer on your 2 channel system, a quality passive filter for your main speakers is absolutely essential for seamless integration and ultra clean bass, mids and highs. Marchand Electronics products are second to none in craftsmanship, quality components, and performance. The XM46SB is custom built just for that purpose. The cutoff frequency is set at 80 Hz with a steep 24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley configuration With the filter between your preamp and power amp for the main speakers and set the subwoofer frequency to 80Hz., slope to 24 dB/oct if applicable, and experience the goosebumps. Since nothing under 80 Hz gets to your main speakers, wether they be monitors or floor standing, you’ll get exceptionally clean and tight bass and midrange as they were meant to be heard. Also the power amp doesn’t have to waste most of its power on full range so you can listen at extreme levels with no distortion. The subwoofer takes care of everything under 80 Hz as it was designed to do. I’m selling it because my current system is fully balanced. This goes for $295 plus shipping new. Chance to save a hundred bucks.


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