National Electronics 12AX7 Audio Vacuum Tubes GOOD Balanced Smooth Gray Plates

November 14, 2020 - Comment

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Emission is not super strong but sounds great. 12AX7 National S1 Emis.: 75 / 106 Gm S2 Emis.: 75 / 106 Gm [225] Testing▪ Tubes will be tested on a 2018 Amplitrex AT-1000. ▪ Tubes are tested on Fixed Bias Mode – the bias voltage is set to the specification value. Plate current will be whatever the tube is capable of and the results shown represent deviation from specification value, with 100% matching specification value. ▪ We can also run computer generated specific results should they be requested.▪ Boxed in either their original boxes (if available) or white boxes*. Tubes will be labeled on the box.▪ High-end tubes will be tested for noise using a custom setup.▪ Packed and shipped professionally.Second line of pictured results show specification values of plate current and transconductance, and the third line shows the actual values of plate current (in Fixed Bias Mode) and the transconductance that were measured during the test. Tube GradingWe assign the following grades to our tubes:100 Gm or above – VERY STRONG90-100 Gm – STRONG80-90 Gm – GOOD70-80 Gm – OKBelow 70 Gm – WeakGm is displayed in milliamperes-per-volt. Multiply by 1000 to convert mA/V into uMHOs.Emission is reflected on a scale of 1-100%. A Tube testing 90% will have 90% of emission specified in the data sheets. Tube LetteringAlthough we do our best to preserve the lettering on each tube, due to the fragile nature of the lettering sometimes the lettering may smear or come off during shipment. We cannot guarantee and assume no responsibility if the lettering on tubes smears or partially comes off during shipment. This also applies to un-packing and handling of the tube by the customer. Obviously, if the lettering on the tube comes off due to customers handling of the tube, we will assume no responsibility.Combined Shipping: We offer combined shipping. If purchasing a “buy it now” tube, and you’d like to purchase more than one – do so at regular prices and we shall refund the difference between the shipping costs and what you have paid. No 1st class shipping to China, Russia, Oceania. We reserve the option to choose proper shipping method to countries/users at our own discretion.We don’t change values for customs, so please don’t ask.CAUTION: Often tubes get weak due to leaky capacitors or other issues in the customer’s amps, so people replace the tubes but never fix the real issue . When they insert replacement tubes, the flaws in their gear quickly eats up the replacement tube no matter how strong it is. If your tubes ware red plating or running abnormally hot, have your gear serviced prior to inserting replacement tubes.
*Does not apply for Tube Lots
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