[NEW 2018] Expandable Garden Hose 50Ft Extra Strong – Brass Connectors with Protectors 100% No-Rust & Leak, 9-Way Spray Nozzle – Best Water Hose for Pocket Use – 100% Flexible Expanding up to 50 ft

May 10, 2018 - Comment

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So, are there any problems with other types of flexible hoses?

– Expandable hoses with poor quality fabric and latex explodes in 1-2 months – Flat hoses are heavy, kinking, tangling and twisting – Collapsible hose with plastic connectors explodes due to chemical reaction in latex tubes and low wear resistance – Connectors of flex xhoses and cheap plastic sprayers start leaking – Shut off valve and connectors breaks – Outer fabric tears apart

Why is New 2018 TBI Expandable Garden Hose – different ?

– STRONGEST 3750D FABRIC AND 4-LAYERS LATEX Our Lightweight Hose is made of high-tech 4-LAYERS PREMIUM latex and strongest 3750x3750D fabric.

– EXTRA DURABLE CONNECTORS: Hose ends and shut-off valve are made of AVIATION ALUMINUM that 3X stronger than brass and 10X than plastic ends.

– ERGONOMIC AND LEAKPROOF: New 9-Function Sprayer Nozzle, made of high quality ABS plastic, has the ergonomic design and provides you with 9 ways to spray and fully LEAK-PROOF.

– 100% LIGHTWEIGHT AND KINK-FREE: The unique design of our xhose prevents it from twisting, kinking and tangling.



Material: 3750D Strong Fabric Weight: 850g Original Length:5m/17ft Expands Length:15m/50ft Heavy-duty Brass connectors with connector-protectors

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Product Features

  • ✅ STRONGEST 3750D FABRIC AND LATEX: We have developed this hose using the best materials to avoid most problems: 3750x3750D Fabric to avoid bursts, 4-layer latex that 3x more durable than 2-3 layers. Within seconds, Garden hose flexible expands from 17 feet to 50 feet in length. Our flexible and expandable garden hose 50 feet will never kink, twist, burst or get tangled up while in use and you.
  • ✅ ANTI-LEAK GUARANTEE: The innovative design of this water hose comes with advanced connector protectors, which make sure there’s no unwanted leakage while you’re doing your work. Save up on water resources, money and time with expensive repairing and so on!
  • ✅ FLEXIBLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This garden hose is made from a flexible material, making it extremely easy to use and adapt to your needs. The lightweight material makes it maneuverable and easy to store once you’re done with it.
  • ✅ 100% DURABLE AND RUST-FREE CONNECTORS: Unlike similar products on the market, this 50 Ft flexible and expanding collapsible water hose guarantees not to rust due to its superior quality brass connectors and shut-off valve. Use it with confidence every day!
  • ✅ PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW with confidence and enjoy really great product!


Alina4141 says:

This thing is nice. It is a very solid construction and the … This thing is nice. It is a very solid construction and the pressure adjustment lever on the back of it is a nice feature. I was tired of buying the cheap plastic ones and hope they lasted the entire season. I think this one will be usable for a few years.

Bertrida says:

Sturdy Everything I expected – sturdy, qualitative, looks long-running. The color I’ve received is green, which is also good. Looking forward to use it in summer.

Khrystyna says:

The setting is nice and powerful and the “spray” setting is useful for … This is a very well-made hose nozzle and it’s a pleasure to use. There are 7 different spray patterns and they all work well. The setting is nice and powerful and the “spray” setting is useful for general garden watering. It’s comfortable to hold, easy to trigger and I think it’

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