ROYAL 39226U PV1 Digital Password Vault electronic consumer Electronics

September 22, 2018 - Comment

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ROYAL 39226U PV1 Digital Password Vault
Stores user names & passwords for up to 3,000 websites; Records user names, passwords, web addresses, security questions & answers; User-selected master password prevents unauthorized access; Pull-out QWERTY keyboard with .com, .net & .org keys; Nonvolatile memory to prevent data loss when changing batteries is needed;

Product Features

  • Great Quality
  • Fast Shipping
  • Electronic Consumer


Lapis Lover says:

Secure Vault This is the second one I have ordered. Like it because it does not connect to any other device such as a computer, and is not easy to hack according to our family member who works as a computer engineer and has cyber security background. The only criticism I have is that I wish the item would last longer than a couple of years. The screen does begin to wear out; the printed letters and numbers starts to break down after a year or two when you look up your passwords. It also is a bit too thick…

Pali Mike says:

Four Stars Great screen, easy to operate, poor keyboard

Dayadhar says:

Good easy operation convenient size, intuitive. Bad: a bit inconvenient using the pullout keyboard. Need bright light for scren I bought one and found it very useful although the ergonomics are really clunky. I bought a second one for a backup just in case. The first one is still working fine but the second one seemed to just die. Nothing but gibberish, then I removed and replaced the same batteries and it’s working normally. It’s a bit clumsy to use but the operation is very intuitive, I didn’t even have to read directions. It is an LCD display not back-lit so it’s a little difficult to read but it fine for the…

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