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If you were alive in 2008 chances are you remember seeing this ad WELL! IT’S BACK! BY POPULAR DEMAND! FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE If you know these tradenames, then you know what this is: Scientific Audio Electronics (SAE), ESS Heil AMT (Air Motion Transformer) speakers SAE and ESS have long passed out of existence. But their legacy lives on in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the right buyer. (Actually ESS Laboratories, LLC is still in business on the west coast U.S.A. Google them. These speakers are not cheap. Feel great about this system. Sound as clear as light!) 400 Watts RMS of killer “sound as clear as light” (see original promo ad in third photo) Rack-mounted dual SAE 2600 and SAE A501 amps (rebuilt), SAE 2800 parametric equalizer, SAE 4100 Ambience delay, SAE 2100L Pre-Amp (rebuilt), Monster Power HTS 5100 Home Theatre Power Center Six 80-pound 400 watt RMS AMT (Air Motion Transformer) speakers: 2 front-stage ESS Heil AMT 1-C speakers, 2 front-stage ESS Heil AMT3 Rock Monitors, 2 ambience-delay ESS Heil AMT 1-C speakers Two 400 watt subs, mixer, many original manuals, and so much more … This is not only an audiophile’s delight but a collector’s item worth every cent of the asking price Although most of this equipment is pure vintage, this system still pumps out a complete wall of sound with exquisite ambience delay by the impossible-to-find 4100 time delay unit. I guess you could call me a SAE 4100 super hog because I own 3 (that’s right – THREE impossible-to-find 4100 time delay units) which are getting rebuilt one-by-one by a reputable technician here in Ohio just an hour away from home. Words simply cannot describe the supremely clean highs generated from the Air Motion Transformers and the deep lows that this monster wall of sound produces. Add in the infinitely variable ambience delay effect (from jazz club to coliseum) and your listening environment is limited only by your imagination. This system is so massive and powerful it’s been featured at two HUGE wedding receptions – and – it 🎸 R O C K E D What a way to enjoy every night that you’re cooped up in your house – just you and your VERY OWN IN-HOME ROCK CONCERT Thanks for looking “I own a set of ESS tower 1. After all the klipsh. And jbls Polk you name it I listen to them all And have a set of 6 speakers that I won’t part with. Just finished a set of pioneer hpm 200 they sound amazing. But I sit and listen to those ESS tower 1 and realize they play every kind of music perfect I have two sets of ohm l Nothing seems to grab me like the ESS every time I play them for other people that have better and more expensive gear they get speechless. So I will own them for life”Comment from an ESS Heil AMT aficionado Original promo ad for ESS AMT (Air Motion Transformer) Experience a clarity of sound beyond anything you’ve heard from loudspeakers rooted in past technology – the sound as clear as light of ESS Heil air-motion transformer speaker systems. 🌟ONLY the ESS Heil air-motion transformer diaphragm can alone accelerate air to a speed more rapid than its own moving surfaces. Instantly. Accurately. Cleanly. 🌟ONLY the ESS Heil air-motion transformer has been acclaimed around the world as the first really new air-moving principle in five decades. 🌟ONLY the ESS Heil air-motion transformer is the loudspeaker of the future, free from bondage to cones, domes, voice coils, mass and inertia. When a revolutionary new principle recreates the excitement and grandeur of an original performance with a clarity and dynamic power never experienced before, technical arguments aren’t necessary. Hear the new ESS standard of excellence yourself. Visit a franchised ESS dealer, one of a handful perceptive enough to bypass the conventional and premier the most advanced state of the art designs in high fidelity, a dealer who understands the loudspeaker of tomorrow … the ESS Heil air-motion transformer. Listen to ESS, you’ll hear sound as clear as light.ESS Laboratories has been an industry leader since the mid-1970s. The company has recently relocated its facilities in Southern California and is proud to announce the introduction of its enhanced ESS-Heil Air-Motion Transformer. The original air-motion transformer was created by the noted German physicist, Oskar Heil, and his patent was assigned to ESS for production in the United States. ESS is the only officially licensed manufacturer of AMT Air Motion Transformer technology.The ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is the revolutionary midrange-tweeter that, since 1973, has distinguished ESS loudspeakers from all other speakers in the world. Its principle is simple, yet it provides results superior to any other sonic transducer available today.The ESS Heil AMT uses a revolutionary, and unique, technology that remains unsurpassed and is state-of-the art. The key to the system is the design of its patented, double-sided diaphragm and its magnetic components that concentrates the sound unknown in conventional tranducers. The sound signal moves five times faster than the air-motion of a conventional cone driver.The sound is superior to any other sonic transducer available on the market with superb dynamic range, producing sound as clear as light, with quality the near equivalent of actually being in the concert hall. While compact, the ESS HEIL Air Motion Transformer has the equivalent sound capacity of a conventional eight inch cone driver. The Air Motion Transformer’s dispersal system provides a level of clarity unparalleled by conventional technology.The ESS Heil AMT has set the industry standard, and continues to do so. ESS as made significant technological improvements. The system delivers “SOUND AS CLEAR AS LIGHT.”ESS HEIL AMT, The Art of Pure Air Motion Sound The Heil diaphragm, made of soft, quiet mylar to reduce background noise, is bonded with conductive aluminum strips. It is the equivalent in surface area to a conventional cone type eight inch band for better point source dispersion. The low mass diaphragm is suspended in a massive magnet structure concentrating an intense magnetic field around the diaphragm.The ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer (AMT) is recognized by the audio industry as the most significant loudspeaker breakthrough of the last half-century and is licensed exclusively to ESS. Once you’ve heard it, you’ll agree that the ESS Heil AMT indeed delivers “SOUND AS CLEAR AS LIGHT.”


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