Spigen Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector NeoFlex / 2 Pack / Flexible Film / Case Friendly for Samsung Galaxy S8+

April 22, 2017 - Comment

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[Protect your Investment]
Say no to scratches, rainbow effects and bubbles!
NeoFlex has a build made of a flexible TPU layer that is self-healing and easily applied with wet installation.
Simply give the NeoFlex a few spritz of its magic and within an hour you will find your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus screen clear as new.
Its wet application ensures a strong adhesion and a bubble-free surface.
Let Neo Flex take the hit, not your phone.

[Wet Installation]
Wet installation results in a strong adhesion with zero lifting

** Watch our installation Video

[Spigen’s Screen Protector Warranty]
We offer Lifetime Warranty on our screen protectors.
If something went wrong with our screen protector, we will gladly replace it with another.

[Compatibility and Design]
Compatible with Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus [2017]

[Kit contains]
1. Spigen TPU Film Screen Protector [2 Pack]
2. Solution Spray
3. Silicone squeeze
4. Dust Remover Sticker
5. Installation Guide

Product Features

  • Galaxy s8 Plus Screen Protector, Spigen NeoFlex provides bubble and rainbow-free clarity.
  • [2 Pack] Made of a flexible TPU layer that takes every hit, not your screen
  • Flexible Film (Not Glass) – Surface stays self-healing and fingerprint-resistant
  • Screen protectors are purposely manufactured smaller than the phone’s actual screen for case compatibility
  • ** NOTE : It is normal for bubbles or a rainbow effect to appear during the initial application because they will disappear once dry. **


Ryan C. says:

If you have a Spigen case, buy this screen protector RIGHT NOW! One of the biggest issues with screen protectors on the curved screens is finding one that works with your case. When i had to the Note 7 i think i bought 6 or 7 different brands to find the right one. This was not the case for the S8+ 

Henry wong says:

Don’t get it! Putting on was a little difficult, I had a very clean surface, and i wiped it down really nice to make sure nothing can get into it. I sprayed both my hands and then sprayed the screen protector like the video had suggested, but I still have a bunch of spots, and like little dust in it… i tried it 3x… i’m going to wait a few days and maybe its just playing with my eyes. Will finish review later. This is for my Samsung 8+. 

Alrightythen says:

Perfect fit Perfect fit and went on easy. READ instructions if you don’t know how to put it on. This isn’t a glass screen protector (which is super easy to put on) but let’s face it, there isn’t a glass protector worth a $h1t for the edge screens.

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