Vaccum Tube Phono Preamp from a Top-Grade Electronic Engineer

November 1, 2020 - Comment

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This listing is for a Hi-End Vacuum Tube Phono Preamp built to order by a Top-Grade Electronic Engineer with many years experience in vacuum tube audio equipment. The preamp works great and sounds great. The asking price reflects the top-notch components used, such as to name but a few:1. Black Gate WKZ 220+220 uF x 350v Capacitors – 3 pcs; 2. Black Gate NX Capacitors – 4 pcs; 3. Jensen Caps – 8 pcs; 4. Mundorf Caps – 2 pcs; 5. Tango Power Transformer; 6. Tube Filament Transformer – special order; 7. Tango TC-60-35W Choke Transformers – 2 pcs; 8. Vacuum Tubes – 5692 / 6SN7, 6SL7, 6X5. 9. All signal resistors – Riken ohm / AMRG; 10. Signal wiring – Silver. 11. Other Hi-End components – see the photos.Just do some math on the current price for these components and you will realize what a bargain this item is. The three BG WKZ caps alone used in this preamp are worth more today than this whole unit! So you will stand to gain, even if you buy it for parts to re-sell at a profit :)) Please note that the postage indicated is tentative (because it may vary depending on the courier selected) but I will be flexible to accommodate buyer’s preferences. Will pack securely. Good luck with bidding!


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